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Echelon Thoughts

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I rarely talk about the images here. Most don’t need narration and writing typically takes away from what I am trying to express. I am not here to be articulate. But this one requires the extra interpretation.

The Echelon building did not hold particular significance to me.

It looked like the dozens of office buildings around Austin. I have driven past it hundreds of times.

What is significant is that it is close to me. Close to where I live. Close to where I worked. It’s where I grew up.

I love Austin.

I rarely give it the credit it deserves, especially since I will be leaving it soon. This is a great city. I am always thankful I grew up here. The people that inhabit Austin are truly some of the kindest (and most wonderfully eclectic) in the world.

Talking to friends last weekend I mentioned how much trust we have to have in the strangers around us. Trust that they will act sane,  that they will control their impulses. That they will not destroy us. This is society and whether we prefer it or not we live symbiotically. Silently hoping everyone took their meds.

So when an event like this happens in a place that is familiar it becomes frightening. And that place loses some innocence.

Although this world does inhabit horrifying, dark people… I know that most are inherently good.

And that part of the world is something to be extraordinarily thankful for.

And oh so thankful things did not turn out worse.

One Response to “Echelon Thoughts”

  1. Will

    I was supposed to have a meeting in that building at 11am…he hit the building at 10am. I still battle at this moment as to why this man decided to do this…even after reading his manifesto…no matter what your grievances are with the govt. this is not the way to make a statement. He is no better than the terrorists responsible for 9/11 (if terrorist truly were to blame…some would speculate…others would say it was a ploy to start a war in Iraq) to mimic them will only make the people he so wanted to hurt ignore his very cry for justice…Those who have control of our very society are not scared of radicals such as this…instead they dismiss them completely…we must gather as Americans together to face these problems our county faces. It is not one radical voice that will induce change but a resounding roar or the majority that is needed to change society…

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